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Restaurant"Al Vecchio Keil"

“AL VECCHIO KEIL” is the name of our restaurant at the Valbruna Inn. For the Winter season 2017/8, “Al Vecchio Keil” continues to feature the natural cuisine of our chef Angela, always blending local ingredients with the traditions of our mountain territory, the Alps. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday, closed on Monday and Tuesday. Al Vecchio Keil is always available for special events and chef Angela is ready to surprise you with custom designed menus to fulfill your culinary desires or to sample the flavors and recipes of our Italian cuisine and regional specialities.

The restaurant “al vecchio Keil” takes its name from the old Pensione and its founder Egidio Keil. For decades locals and people from neighbouring villages of Valcanale used to meet “da Keil” (at Keil’s) for a bite to eat or a glass of wine. Skiers stopped “da Keil” after a day on the snow and tourists, visiting Valbruna from the cities of Friuli, always made a stop”da Keil”…at times a name penetrates the walls of a building and becomes its soul. We’ll see you “da Keil!”Strolling in Valbruna,from the windows facing main street now called Via Alpi Giulie, you can easily recognize the restaurant dining room with the old walls, which are almost 3 feet thick and over 75 years old.”To enjoy the flavour of life take big bites” – Robert Heinlein

The wide selection of desserts and cakes, also served at the bar along with coffee drinks or hot chocolate, includes home made cakes and the local classic pastries by the artisan laboratory “I dolci di Irma” right here in Valbruna.

The “Saisera Hutte” STUBE

The “hut” built within the hotel takes its name from the old Seisera Hutte, which was located in the meadows of the Saisera Valey of Valbruna until the early 1900’s. Walter, an expert local carpenter, worked by hand on hundred-year old beams to assemble the entire hut by overlapping the boards in typical local tradition. The Seisera Hutte is heated by a large wood-burning stove and the table is one whole spruce board, 3 feet wide and 12 feet long, weighing over 250 pounds.
“A glass of wine, a song, a laugh make a beautiful day. A laugh, a song, a glass of wine make beautiful also the night.” – Proverb of FriuliA dinner in the stube with writer and journalist Rolly Marchi at the head of the table.

BAR “Al Vecchio Keil” 

Our bar “al vecchio Keil”, just like our restaurant, takes its name from the original owner of the bar and pension Egidio Keil. It was Egidio, also known as “il baffone” (the big moustache), operating the bar for years with his wife Aurelia and welcoming, beside tourists and mountaineering fans, Valbruna locals coming out of Church or at any time during the day when they gather for a chat or a glass of wine.