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StubeSeisera Hutte
The “hut” built within the hotel takes its name from the old Seisera Hutte, which was located in the meadows of the Saisera Valey of Valbruna until the early 1900’s.
Walter, an expert local carpenter, worked by hand on hundred-year old beams to assemble the entire hut by overlapping the boards in typical local tradition. The Seisera Hutte is heated by a large wood-burning stove and the table is one whole spruce board, 3 feet wide and 12 feet long, wighing over 250 pounds.

“A glass of wine, a song, a laugh make a beautiful day. A laugh, a song, a glass of wine make beautiful also the night.” – Proverb of Friuli

“Un got, un cjant, une ridade fasin biele la zornade. Une ridade, un cjant, un got fasin biele ancje la gnot” – Proverbio Friulano parole parole parole parole parole parole parole parole parole parole

A dinner in the stube with writer and journalist Rolly Marchi at the head of the table.

The rich breakfast buffet is served in the stube: brioche with jam or chocolate, fresh milk and jogurt, fruit juices, a variety of cereals, a selection of local honey, cold meat cuts and local cheeses with all the Italian coffe drinks, a selection of teas and hot chocolate.

The atmosphere of a mountain hut cannot be recreated in any hotel, so we decided to build the Saisera Hut inside the Inn! In the photo you can see the walls of the hut before Walter’s fantastic wood work.