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There are countless choices for hiking around Valbruna! The historic park “Abschnitt Seisera” dedicated to World War I front line is open year -round in Val Saisera and can be visited on your own by following the well marked trails and reading the informational large photo/text posters along the historic sites or on guided tours lead by WWI history expert Davide Tonazzi. In the winter season only part of the park is open (the -green- trail) due to snow and guided tours are available. Please ask for any information or book your tour at the Valbruna Inn reception.

Another guided tour available in Val Saisera is “CamminaMente”, a play of words between the walking trails during the war and “mind” (mente): hiking along trenches and other war sites Davide and Federica will explain multiple aspects of life for soldiers during the was by reading from soldier’s personal diaries.